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Modified on: Wed, 26 Jun, 2024 at 2:38 PM

We're excited to introduce the new Unstoppable Marketplace (not to be confused with our previous marketplace now called Unstoppable Apps), your go-to platform for buying and selling Web3 and tokenized .com domains directly on our website. You can access the marketplace and see all domains up for sale by clicking here.

Why Choose the Unstoppable Marketplace:

  • Easy, Easy, Easy: The Unstoppable Marketplace simplifies domain trading with easy listing, purchasing, completing transactions, and managing transfers.
  • First Dedicated Marketplace for Tokenized .com Domains: The first dedicated marketplace for tokenized .com domains, offering endless opportunities for buying and selling.
  • First Domain Marketplace Supporting Credit Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal Payments: The first domain marketplace to support traditional payment methods like credit cards and PayPal for transactions under $10k, in addition to cryptocurrency.

For Sellers:

  • List Your Domains Easily: Quickly list Unstoppable Web3 domains or tokenized .com domains. (Domains must be in an EVM self-custody wallet, with a 3% seller service fee and a payment processing fee.)
  • Access a Wider Audience: The variety of supported payment methods makes the marketplace accessible to a broad audience.
  • Automatic Transfers: Seamless, automatic domain transfers upon purchase ensure a hassle-free experience

For Buyers:

  • Comprehensive Selection: Browse a wide array of Web3 and tokenized .com domains in one place.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Pay using credit/debit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrency, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. (Purchases over $10k must be paid using cryptocurrency.)
  • Secure Transfers: Automatic and guaranteed domain transfers provide peace of mind and confidence.

How to list a domain for sale:

Go to your domains page and click 'Manage' next to the domain you want to list. Under 'Manage', go to 'Sell domain' and click 'List for sale':

Approve Seaport smart contract access into your wallet to transfer the domain to the new owner after it has been sold through UD:

Sign the transaction with your crypto wallet and wait for approval confirmation, this can take around a minute. This popup will close automatically.

Select the wallet address you wish to receive payment to, enter a listing price and click 'List for sale':

Sign the transaction with your crypto wallet and the listing will be live!

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