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Modified on: Thu, 9 Nov, 2023 at 3:26 PM

We’re excited to announce that from July 17th 2023,  we’ve added Ethereum Name Service (ENS)-based .eth domains to the Unstoppable Domains website – creating a one-stop shop for Web3 domains. Now, anyone can natively buy and manage .eth domains through Unstoppable, with new features that will make the .eth onboarding experience easier and more intuitive for everyone. For the first time, we’re bringing you a single platform to buy their .eth, .nft, .crypto, .polygon domains and more – all in one place. 

Every .eth domain purchased from Unstoppable will be registered with ENS with the same full functionality as other .eth domains. You can manage your .eth domains here on the ENS platform. Pricing for .eth domains on Unstoppable is the same as with the ENS website, including Ethereum network fees for gas, with the option to add on services like Unstoppable Vault and auto-renewal. You can read our full blog post here. 

All .eth domains purchased through Unstoppable will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain and incur Ethereum blockchain fees for both claiming and managing. Unstoppable domains, including .nft, .crypto, .x and .polygon, will be minted on Polygon, allowing you to buy and manage your domains with no gas fees.


Buying an .eth domain

Importing your .eth domain into your UD account

Managing your .eth domain

Renewing your .eth domain  

Importing your .eth domain into your UD account

You can import any domains you have already purchased into your UD account. Please note, you currently can not add any domains purchased outside of our website to the Unstoppable Vault. 

To import your existing domains please login and navigate to Account > My domains. 

Click 'Add .eth Domains': 

Select the wallet that holds your ENS domain:

This will scan the wallet for any existing ENS domains. Once done, click 'Sync': 

Once complete, you can manage your ENS domain via your domains page.

Managing your .eth domain

You can still manage any ENS domain bought on our platform by going to https://ens.domains/. Please note that for full management, you will need to log into ENS's platform. Full guides on how to manage and update your .eth domain on ENS can be found here. 

Adding Crypto Addresses:

Adding crypto addresses to your .eth domain is an on-chain action. Once added, the changes will be reflected on both our platform and ENS's platform. 

For a full guide on how to add crypto address to your domain, click here

Enable messaging 

To use Unstoppable Messaging, you must first set up Reverse Resolution. Once complete, you can follow this guide and to enable Unstoppable Messaging. 

Email services:

You can use your UD domains for private email communication by enabling email messaging for your domain, setting up a forwarding address, and sharing your new email address with the world. We call this Unstoppable email! For a full guide on how to set this up, click here

Renewing your .eth domain

ENS-based Web3 domains require annual renewal fees. To alleviate the pain point of remembering to renew on-chain with Ethereum and to prevent you from accidentally losing your .eth domain, we’re offering an optional auto-renewal feature for .eth. You can view the date that your ENS domain expires by going to your domains page.

To set up a renewal, click 'Manage' next to your ENS domain. Down the left-hand side, click 'ENS Renewal': 

Click Enable and enter your card details. You will be charged an additional US$5 convenience fee + gas and renewal fees calculated at the time of your next renewal

If you have any further questions, please contact us: support@unstoppabledomains.com 


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