Unstoppable Messaging

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Ownership, Privacy, and Control
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How to get started

To use Unstoppable Messaging, you must first set up Reverse Resolution for your Web3 domain in the Manage tab:

Then, go to ud.me/[domain name] and click the messaging icon in the top left to get started:

Messaging is currently active for iOS and desktop, available for Android coming soon. 

Who can I message?

Chat with other Unstoppable domain users and anyone using a platform with XMTP-enabled messaging app, like Coinbase Wallet and Lens, and it will appear directly in the Unstoppable app.

You can get Unstoppable support by messaging support.unstoppable.x with your questions and concerns.

Ownership, Privacy, and Control

Messages are end-to-end encrypted and stored on XMTP’s decentralized network, ensuring that only you can access and decrypt them anytime, no matter what happens with Unstoppable. You can also block individuals and manage your notifications preferences.

Group chat

To join a Group Chat for a badge you own:

  1. Go to Unstoppable Messaging from your ud.me Profile
  2. Select the Groups tab.
  3. Find the community you would like to begin chatting with and select Join group chat.
  4. You’re done! You will be able to join the text-based chat going forward.

To create a new Group Chat with Sponsored Badges:

  1. Create a Sponsored Badge by entering the URL to your NFT collection
  2. Distribute your NFT to your community or team members
  3. That’s it! Your group can now enter the chat via the Groups tab on their Unstoppable Messaging

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