Messaging with Unstoppable Lite Wallet

Modified on: Fri, 31 May, 2024 at 6:24 PM


Use Unstoppable Lite Wallet to chat securely with your friends with Unstoppable Messaging, powered by XMTP and Push Protocol technology.

How to Enable

Simply click on the chat icon on your wallet to start

Click on "Enable on this Device"

The next screen will ask you to confirm creating an account with XMTP 

Click on "Confirm" accept and proceed. This will create an XMTP account, and click "Confirm" again when to enable it for your device

All done! Your device is now enabled to send and receive messages

How to Start Messaging

After messaging is enabled, you can start by searching for who you want to chat with. You can either search for another user via their wallet address, Unstoppable Domain or ENS name.

Select the user you want to chat with and start sending messages!


Chat can also start from a profile page, for example "<domain-name>". On the profile page, make sure you're logged in. You can start chatting by clicking on the "Chat" button under their profile picture 

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