Unstoppable Lite Wallet FAQs

Modified on: Fri, 31 May, 2024 at 6:21 PM

How do I get Unstoppable Lite Wallet?

You can buy Unstoppable Lite Wallet from the Unstoppable Domains website, by adding it directly to your cart or by choosing an option any time you purchase a domain. A subscription to Unstoppable Lite Wallet is $9.99 / year. 

Is there a free version?

Unstoppable Domains users can store their domains in a variety of wallets, and free self-custody wallets are always an option for users willing to take on the risk of managing private keys on their own. Unstoppable Wallet is a premium solution that offers security, recovery and management features not found in traditional wallets.

Is Unstoppable Lite Wallet self-custody?

Yes! Your password is required to manage your wallet, and your consent is required for every transaction. Unstoppable Domains cannot access your wallet.

What's the difference between Unstoppable Lite Wallet and Unstoppable Vault?

As described above, Unstoppable Lite Wallet is a premium self-custody wallet. It is best suited for users who want to directly manage domains and other crypto assets like ETH or SOL within their wallet. The Unstoppable Vault is a custodial managed wallet that can only hold domains. It is best suited for domain investors holding many domains, don't want to manage on-chain records and would prefer Unstoppable Domains manage the keys on their behalf.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes! The Unstoppable Domains app for iOS has full support for Unstoppable Lite Wallet. You can find the Unstoppable Domains on the Apple app store. Android support is coming soon.

What chains are supported?

The current supported chains are Ethereum, Polygon, Base, Solana and Bitcoin. This list of supported chains may grow over time.

Can I transfer ERC-20 or non-native tokens into the wallet?

It is highly NOT recommended. Currently, ERC-20 and non-native tokens, except Unstoppable Domains domains, are not supported and you will not be able to transfer them out. There are security risks to interacting with ERC-20 tokens from malicious smart contracts.

How many wallets can an email address have?

Only one. For security reasons, we need to always be able to identify a unique email address for a wallet.

I've lost access to my physical device that I used with my wallet, how can I temporarily disable my wallet?

Submit a support ticket requesting that your wallet be disabled. You will need to supply and verify the email address that was used to create the wallet.

How can I reset my password?

If you have a recovery kit, click on the recovery link in that email. You will be prompted to set a new password. See here for more details.

What is multi-party computation?

Multi-party computation (MPC) is a an advanced key management approach to distribute trust between multiple individuals. Unstoppable Domains has partnered with Fireblocks to provide MPC technology for Unstoppable Lite Wallet. The approach is more secure because it distributes trust between Fireblocks and the user. Fireblocks and the user collaborate indirectly by sharing their part of the key to allow access, reducing the risk of compromise and enhancing the integrity of your wallet.

Why does Unstoppable Lite Wallet take longer than MetaMask to create transactions?

Since an MPC wallet must aggregate cryptographic data from multiple places, there is more computation required to create and sign a transaction. This is for your security and is what makes Unstoppable Lite Wallet safer to use than traditional self-custody wallets like MetaMask.

Why can't I use WalletConnect with my wallet?

Support is coming soon! WalletConnect allows dApps to potentially forward malicious messages to your wallet. To keep you as secure as possible, we are making sure the proper guardrails are in place to keep you safe.

Where are my Solana transactions?

Solana transaction support coming soon! While Unstoppable Lite Wallet accurately displays your SOL balance in the portfolio view, the transaction view isn't yet available.

Is DNS domain tokenization supported?

Tokenization of DNS domains to Unstoppable Lite Wallet is coming soon! When it is supported, you will then be able to chat with your .com domain and have the protections the wallet provides.

Where do I find my private keys or seed phrases?

You can't because there are none. Just use your password. 

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