Navigating Your Unstoppable Lite Wallet

Modified on: Fri, 31 May, 2024 at 9:12 PM

Early Access Notice: The Unstoppable Lite Wallet is currently in its early access phase. As such, certain features, including ERC20 and NFT token transfers and WalletConnect integration, are not yet available. 

Do not lose your password or you will lose access to your funds. It is highly recommended that a recovery kit is requested. See here for more information

The current supported coins are BTC, SOL, MATIC on Polygon, ETH on Ethereum and ETH on Base. Unstoppable Domains domains are also supported. Do not send anything else to the wallet or you will not be able to transfer them out during this early access period.


How to Login

Each domain comes with its own profile page. You can access this by typing[domain] into a browser. For example, Go to your page:

Click "Connect" at the top right of the page

Select Unstoppable Lite Wallet

You can also access your wallet by visiting the dedicated page at

Enter your email and password

Important Reminder: Safeguard Your Password. It is crucial to store your password in a secure and private location. Losing your password will result in the irreversible loss of your funds unless you created a recovery kit.

Verify your email with a one-time code

Check your email address associated with your wallet. Unstoppable Domains will send you a one-time code that must be verified, as an additional security precaution. Copy and paste the one-time code into the login confirmation page.

Note: You can optionally select the checkbox to remember your access details securely in your web browser, so you are not prompted to sign-in again. If you are using a public device, this option is not recommended.

Wait for configuration

Note: This process may take up to a few minutes due to the way Multi-Party Computation (MPC) safeguards your wallet.

Top-Level Menu

  • My profile:  Opens the profile page for your wallet

  • My domains: Opens a list of domains that are in your wallet. Select one to start managing it

  • Recovery kit: Request a new recovery kit. See here for more details

  • Learn more: Link to documentation

  • Sign out: Removes access to your wallet on the current device

Sending Assets

Select the send option

Select the currency you want to send

Enter the recipient and amount

Confirm the transaction details before sending

Wait for the transaction to complete

Please Note: Completing this process may take a few minutes. The MPC wallet employs sophisticated cryptographic protocols to protect your transactions. This includes several validation and verification steps designed to provide maximum security.


Receiving Assets

Important Notice: ERC20 and NFT tokens are currently not supported. Please do not send these types of assets to your wallet, as you will be unable to transfer them out. At this time, only native currencies and Unstoppable Domains are supported.

The list of supported native currencies are: BTC, SOL, MATIC on Polygon, ETH on Ethereum, and ETH on Base.

Select the receive option

Select an asset to receive

Share your wallet address

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