Changing nameservers on a .com domain

Modified on: Mon, 22 Apr, 2024 at 2:03 PM

Nameservers tell your browser where to look for the DNS records for your domain. By default, your domain will use our provider's nameservers.

If your hosting provider needs the nameservers changed to their platform you can do this by going to your my domains page and clicking on "Manage" next to your domain.

Then click on "Nameservers"

And then "Custom"

You can then enter your custom nameservers. If you need more than two nameservers press "Add Another Nameserver" to add as many fields as required.

When you are ready, press "Update Nameservers"

Please note, it can take several hours for DNS changes to fully propagate through the network so don't worry if you don't see the changes reflected straight away.

Once the nameservers are changed you will need to make any changes to the domain's DNS records through your hosting/DNS provider.

If you want to move your domains nameservers back to their default, click on "Default" in the nameserver page and then click on "Revert to Default Nameservers".

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