Token Gated .pudgy Campaign

Modified on: Thu, 11 Apr, 2024 at 12:16 PM

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Pudgy Penguins to introduce our first community-focused token-gated campaign. If you are a current owner of a Pudgy Penguin, you can claim a .pudgy domain matching your Pudgy Penguin's token ID for free!

For example, if you own Pudgy Penguin #24, you can claim 24.pudgy for free during this special promo. Please note that this promo only applies to Pudgy Penguins. Lil Pudgys are not eligible to participate in this promo at this time.

1. To claim your matching .pudgy domain, please visit our promo page here:

2. On the promo page, select "Get My Domain(s)". Once selected, you should be directed to our main site to confirm your token to claim your free .pudgy that matches your NFT's Token ID as shown below:

3. Then select and sign with the wallet that holds your Pudgy Penguin or the wallet with delegated authority.

4. Once you select and sign with your wallet, the Pudgy Penguin(s) you hold should appear. Please select "Continue".

(If you hold multiple Pudgy Penguins, you can claim a matching digit .pudgy domain for each of them. However, you can only claim one at a time.)

5. After selecting "Continue", the matching digit .pudgy domain should be claimed to your wallet. 

To view and manage this domain, please ensure this wallet is connected to your UD account. You can see how to connect your wallet to your UD account here.

If you wish to connect and sign with a wallet not holding your Pudgy Penguin NFT, you will need to first assign or delegate a wallet to the wallet holding your Pudgy Penguin NFT so that it can connect and sign instead. This is the safest way to navigate the world of Web3, and keep your digit assets secure when connecting to Websites and Applications with a wallet.

To do this, you will need to:

1. Visit to set up your delegated wallet.

2. Select the "Connect" option in the top right of the page and connect your first wallet. Choose your wallet provider and sign to connect your wallet. The order you connect your wallets does not matter.

3. Then, from the drop down menu select "Add a wallet" to connect your second wallet.

4. With both wallets now connected, please ensure the wallet that you would like to be the delegated wallet (the one that will sign your transactions for your wallet holding the Pudgy Penguin's behalf) is selected within the drop down menu. The wallet holding your NFT that you want to link your delegated wallet to should be listed above "Profile".

Once your delegated wallet appears up top, select the "Profile" option. 

5. On the "Profile" section, using the drop down menu, select the other wallet holding your Pudgy Penguin. 

6. Then select the new option that appears, "Delegate". 

7. Once you select "Delegate" you should see your delegated wallet appear in the text bar. If you would like to be able to sign all transactions with this wallet select "Submit Delegation".

If you would like only be able to sign for a specific collection or specific assets like your Pudgy Penguin NFT, then you can switch to the "Contract" or "Asset" tabs respectively adding the specific details of the contract address or contract address + token ID for the asset you would like to sign for. Once those details are added you can select "Submit Delegation".

8. Sign with your wallet holding the Pudgy Penguin and pay the associated gas fees to confirm the delegation. Once confirmed, the delegated wallet can now sign transactions of the other wallet's behalf. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us: 

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