Buy and sell Crypto with Unstoppable

Modified on: Mon, 4 Mar, 2024 at 6:05 PM

You can now buy the following cryptocurrencies on our website: 

To purchase, you must have a domain that has been claimed to your own cryptocurrency wallet. If you have not yet claimed a domain, you can do so by following this guide

Once claimed, go to your domains page and click 'Manage': 

Select 'Buy & Sell Crypto' and choose the currency you wish to buy. Any crypto you buy on Polygon or Ethereum will go directly to the wallet where your domain name is stored. If purchasing Bitcoin or Solana, you will be asked to choose a wallet address at checkout. 

The ability to buy and sell crypto is powered by our partnership with Moon Pay. We plan to expand more providers, more cryptocurrencies, and exciting new features in the future.

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