Which wallets can I use to send crypto to my domain?

Modified on: Thu, 18 Apr, 2024 at 10:29 AM

Here is a list of the wallets that currently resolve our domain names when sending crypto:

1inch - https://1inch.io/
Atomic Wallet - https://atomicwallet.io/ 

Bifrost Wallet - https://bifrostwallet.com/ 

bitcoin.com - https://www.bitcoin.com/

Blockchain.com wallet - https://www.blockchain.com/ 

Cake Wallet - https://www.cakewallet.com 

Coin98 - https://www.coinbase.com/wallet 

Coinomi - https://www.coinomi.com/en/ 

D'Cent Wallet - https://dcentwallet.com/ 

Edge - edge.network

FoxWallet - https://foxwallet.com/

Frontier Wallet - https://frontierwallet.com/ 

Gem Wallet - https://gemwallet.com/ 

Guarda Wallet - https://guarda.co/ 

KeepKey/Shapeshift - https://shapeshift.io/keepkey/

Klever - https://klever.io/en/ 

Math Wallet - http://www.mathwallet.org (L1 only) 

Minke - https://www.minke.app/ 

Obvious - obvious.technology 

Onto Wallet - https://www.onto.app/en

Pay.cool - https://www.pay.cool/home

Phantom - https://phantom.app/ 

Railgun - https://railgun.org/

Rainbow - rainbow.me 

Taho - https://taho.xyz/ 

Tribe Wallet - https://www.tribewallet.io/ 

Unstoppable Wallet - https://unstoppable.money/

Verso Wallet - https://get-verso.com/ 

Wombat - https://www.getwombat.io/ 

Yoroi - https://yoroi-wallet.com/

Zelus - zelus.io

Zerion - https://zerion.io/

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