How to Connect and Claim to a Wallet

Modified on: Thu, 10 Aug, 2023 at 11:24 AM

Note: mobile app is unable to connect, you will need to use the browser extension

Step 1: How to Create a Wallet

  1. Download the Wallet browser extension
  2. Click Get Started > Next > Next > Next > Standalone Wallet Mode > Create New Wallet
  3. Click Got it > create a password click Create Wallet create wallet name click Proceed
  4. Copy and save your seed phrase click Next > Next > Next > Got It 
Important: keep your seed phrase and password safe and secure

Step 2: Add the Wallet to Your Account

  1. Log into your Unstoppable account and Wallet
  2. On, click on Account in the top-right, from the dropdown select Account Settings
  3. On Account Settings page, click +Add Wallet
  4. From the popup, select > verify 2FA by email/authenticator
  5. When prompted, click Allow > Sign > enter your password click 

Step 3: Claim A Domain to Wallet

  1. On Wallet, click on Cronos > Manage Networks > scroll to Polygon > click Add
  2. On UD site, go to your My Domains page
  3. Click on Claim / Unstoppable Vault next to the domain click Claim into your wallet
  4. Select the Wallet address check I Understand > click Confirm > Verify 2FA
  5. can track progress, which typically takes about 10 minutes.


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