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Modified on: Wed, 24 May, 2023 at 10:23 AM

I’m on the waitlist, when and how do I get my .BinanceUS domain?

You will receive an email from Binance.US once .BinanceUS is available for purchase exclusively through the Binance.US app.

How do I purchase a .BinanceUS domain name?

.BinanceUS domains are available for purchase exclusively through your account on the Binance.US app. Download the app via the App Store or visit for more details. 

What can I use my .BinanceUS domain for?

You can use your .BinanceUS domain to easily receive crypto payments and transfers to your Binance.US account wallet addresses. Your Binance.US account will also show your .BinanceUS domain alongside your wallet address, making your Binance.US experience more personal. Currently, you cannot use a .BinanceUS domain for Login with Unstoppable, to host a decentralized website, or to create an Unstoppable profile. 

Where do I manage my domain?

Your .BinanceUS domain is automatically managed by your Binance.US account. The wallet addresses to receive crypto are updated according to your Binance.US account.

What wallet addresses are associated with my .BinanceUS domain?

Wallet addresses are auto populated and kept in sync with Binance.US exchange addresses for supported cryptos.

Who owns my .BinanceUS domain?

You own your .BinanceUS domain. All .BinanceUS domains will be custodied by Unstoppable under Binance.US’s management, and they’ll be exclusively available in the Binance.US app, rather than in your self-custodial wallet.

Can Binance.US resolve other domain endings?

Unstoppable customers can now use Binance.US to send and withdraw crypto to any Unstoppable domain – including their .crypto, .nft, or .x domains – by using the withdraw function. 

Are two-character .BinanceUS domains available?

Yes, two-character domains are available. Please note that some may be already purchased or protected.

Why isn’t the domain I want available?

The domain you’re searching for is either taken or protected. Please feel free to reach out to Binance.US support chat ( or go ahead and search for a different domain.

Can I transfer or sell my .BinanceUS domain?

No, you cannot sell or transfer a .BinanceUS domain, it’s tied to your Binance.US account.

Which blockchain is used for .BinanceUS domains?

Like other domains powered by Unstoppable Domains, .BinanceUS domains are minted on Polygon with no gas fees and no renewal fees.

Can I purchase a .BinanceUS domain outside of the app?

.BinanceUS domains are only available for purchase in the Binance.US mobile apps. Please ensure the app is the most updated version.

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