Claim a Domain to Crypto.Com Wallet

Modified on: Thu, 27 Apr, 2023 at 9:28 PM

If you have purchased domains and not yet claimed them to your wallet, this is the guide for you!!

WalletConnect, used by hundreds of wallets as a bridge to connect to dApps, is currently going through a major change from version 1.0 to 2.0. This guide is expected to be updated in the months ahead but currently we recommend claiming domains to the browser extension wallet.

The browser extension wallet can be added to desktop browsers such as Brave, and Chrome but not Safari. This guide will cover the Crypto and Privacy centric, Brave browser, which can be downloaded for Mac or Windows here.

Currently we advise setting up the browser extension in Standalone mode as there appears to be a bug for Bridge mode with iPhones. Once you have added the browser extension follow the short steps below to claim your domains to the wallet.

1. Web apps like Unstoppable Domains and OpenSea can only recognise a browser wallet if there is only 1 browser wallet enabled. If you already have MetaMask browser wallet enabled it will need to be disabled before using the browser wallet. Other browser wallets don't need to be removed from your system and they can be enabled and disabled with a simple toggle as shown below.

Select Extensions logo top right in Brave (arrow 1 above) and then click the Manage Extensions option. Move the slider from right to left for MetaMask (arrow 2 above) to disable it and then close the Extensions window.

2. For Brave, but not other Chromium based browsers, you will also need to set Web3 Default Ethereum wallet as None. Select Menu logo top right in Brave (arrow 1 below) and then click the Settings option. Select Web3 (arrow 2 below) then None from the dropdown options of Default Ethereum wallet and close the Settings window.

3. If you are already at the Unstoppable Domains site refresh the page after completing steps 1 and 2 above, for the changes to take effect.

4. Sign in with your Email address, Google, Unstoppable Login or the wallet option.

If you use the wallet option (shown above) to sign into your Unstoppable Domains account click the icon.

5. Go to My Domains and if you have numerous Claimed and Unclaimed (Parked) domains use the filtering option (arrow 1 below) and select Parked from the dropdown option. If you need details on the UD Parking feature please check out this guide.

You can Claim up to 50 domains in bulk (arrow 2 above) or individual domains (arrow 3 above) at a time.

6. At the next screen select Claim into your wallet.

You will be offered another chance to claim in bulk if you only selected a single domain to claim.

When prompted in the domain Claiming workflow select Add New wallet (unless you have previously added the wallet to your account).


Select the wallet that should be marked Just added.

7. Ensure the wallet address in the screen below matches your address, tick Checkbox for I understand and then click Confirm.

8. You will then be asked to validate the Claim with a verification code sent to your email address or other 2FA methods if you created your Unstoppable Domains account by connecting the wallet to the Unstoppable Domains site. When the Claiming process has started you will see the screen below and you can select any of the options while the claim is in progress.

9. Unless the Polygon blockchain is very congested the claim should complete in a few minutes. If you didn't move off the previous screen you will see confirmation that the claim has completed

10. Congratulations you are now ready to start earning rewards by simply using your newly claimed domains.

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