AI-Generated Art

Modified on: Wed, 22 Nov, 2023 at 1:49 PM

We’re bringing AI to digital identities by introducing a new feature for users to generate & purchase their very own AI-generated PFPs!  You can view our FAQ on AI-Generated Art, including how we process your data here

We know purchasing NFTs can be confusing. Digital identities often lack a visual identity. Enter AI-generated PFPs - a new offering from Unstoppable that makes it easier for anyone to have a face associated with their digital identity. Whether you’re a domain owner or not, you can experiment with generating your own AI-based art for your digital and social profiles. 

How it works

Login to your Unstoppable Domains accounts and purchase an AI Art packThis can be found by going to, click "add items" and add a AI art pack! 

Upload photos

Upload 10-15 photos to represent your digital identity (JPEG, PNG or HEIC format only). Please note, the pictures need to be clear, well lit and only show you:  

Once you've uploaded your images, please select your gender:

Then head to the checkout to complete your purchase. You will need to wait up to 60 minutes while your images are generated (you will receive an email notification once complete). If you wish to check the status of your AI images, please navigate back to your items page and you will see a timeframe for your finished avatar pack: 

Once completed, click 'Details' to show all generated Avatars! 

Add an AI avatar to your domain

To add an AI Avatar to your domain, first please ensure the domain you wish to use is claimed to your own custodial wallet. Then, click 'Details' on the artwork pack, and then click on the image of the one you wish to use. Then click 'Set as Avatar':

Select the domain you wish to add the Avatar to and hit 'Confirm': 

You will receive a pop-up in the bottom-left hand corner once complete: 

Your Avatar will be displayed on your page as well as on OpenSea! Please refresh the Metadata on OpenSea for your changes to take effect. 

Mint one of the AI-Art avatars on chain

Each AI art pack comes with 1 minting token. You can mint of of these avatars to the blockchain for free on Polygon.

First, choose the avatar you want to mint:

Select a domain, and the avatar will be minted to the same wallet the domain is currently held in and hit 'Mint NFT'. 

The process will take up to 10 minutes. Once complete, navigate back to your items. You will see your NFT has been minted to the blockchain and can now be viewed on OpenSea! 

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