Using External Wallets in the Unstoppable Domains Mobile App

Modified on: Mon, 6 Mar, 2023 at 10:13 AM

Unable to Sign Transactions with External Wallets

If you have previously connected an external wallet in our iOS app, as per the details here (available via Settings, Learn in the app), and you are no longer able to sign transactions please disconnect and reconnect the external wallet.

Manually Disconnecting WalletConnect Sessions

Sometimes you might need to manually disconnect a WalletConnect session in your external wallet. The process varies slightly for each wallet but this is the process for ending a WalletConnect session in the MetaMask mobile wallet app. 

Reinstalling an external wallet

Very occasionally your mobile device may not recognize that you have a particular wallet installed. Ensure you have your private keys/security phrases for all wallets in the external wallet app and try reinstalling it.

If your issue persists please send us the following details, from within the app or a separate email, to

1. App build details, the bottom of the Settings screen

2. External wallet being used

3. iPhone model

4. iOS version on your device

We are currently working on WalletConnect support for our Android app to ensure our community can also connect external wallets with their Android devices.

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