FAQ and Returning .coin TLDs (Top Level Domains)

Modified on: Wed, 12 Jul, 2023 at 5:19 PM

Visit https://unstoppabledomains.com/refund to return your .coin domains. 

General Questions for .coin Domains

  • Is there a risk to any funds that will get routed by a .coin domain?
    Emercoin, the creator of the older .coin, only resolves DNS records, not crypto addresses, so there is currently no risk to .coin domain owners that their crypto gets routed to the wrong place.

  • Can I still use my .coin domain with dApps integrated with UD?
    As of October 18th, 2022, we've disabled .coin resolution in our libraries and services. Web3 domains are self-custodied NFTs, so you still own your .coin domain, but it won’t work with our resolution services or integrations. Unstoppable cannot take away minted domains from owners. However, for a Web3 domain to be useful, there can only be one established registry for that top-level domain. 

  • What about UD’s other TLDs? Will they be affected by this decision?
    Please rest assured that we have no plans to discontinue our existing TLDs. We’ve thoroughly researched each of our other TLDs, and we’re extremely confident that Unstoppable Domains was the first to offer each. For more information on this situation and our investigation, you can read this blog post here: Why we’re no longer offering .coin

  • What will you do to avoid this in the future?
    We’ve implemented a more thorough review process to ensure we don’t introduce TLDsthat exist elsewhere in the future. This includes building a list of known Web3 domain providers and blockchains that release TLDs.

    In addition, we’re working with others in our space to establish a set of standards for the Web3 domain industry to promote innovation while protecting users. We’re committed to working with others in our space so we can ensure that Web3 domains reach their full potential as the identity system for the Internet.

  • What does this mean for decentralization?
    By self-regulating and preventing naming collisions, we believe we’re contributing to a healthier industry for Web3 domains, in support of our vision for a user-owned, portable digital identity. We are able to continue to build integrations with hundreds of wallets, exchanges, apps, metaverses, games, and more.

  • Is this decision being forced by legal action?
    No. We believe this is the right thing to do for our community, and for the future of web3.

  • I can see .coin domains being minted on-chain in April 2023. Why is this happening if .coin has been discontinued? 
    These are previously purchased .coin domains moving into a Vault. This is one of the things we noticed we needed to do when we created the Unstoppable Vaults. While they are being moved on-chain, all the above still applies, we've disabled .coin resolution in our libraries and services. 

Returning .coin Domains for Credits

  • How to return .coin domains?

You can return .coin domains by going to https://unstoppabledomains.com/refund. Here, you can claim credits for claimed or unclaimed domains in bulk. Depending on the traffic on chain, it can take up to 3 hours to process the return and be issued credits.

  • Will domains claimed for free be available for the offer?
    No, free domains are not available for the offer. 
  • When will my credit expire?
    Promo credits will expire 90 days after the claim.

The option to return domains for a refund to the Original Payment Method is no longer available as of March 31st, 2023.

If you have any further questions on the matter, please feel free to email us at support@unstoppabledomains.com

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