Returning your .coin Domains

Modified on: Thu, 12 Jan, 2023 at 8:34 PM

As you may know, we've disabled .coin resolution in our libraries and services. Web3 domains are self-custodied NFTs, so you still own your .coin domain in your wallet, but it won’t work with our resolution services or with the vast majority of our integrations.


We're offering .coin holders twice the purchase price of their domains in credits upon their successful return. To get credited, return your .coin domain on the My Domains page.


You can visit our help center to answer other frequently asked questions.


Unminted .coin Domains

If your .coin domain has not been minted you can directly click on the Get credits button next to the domain.

If you purchased the domain using fiat, crypto, or Store & Promo Credits, you'll be able to return it for 2x credits. Domains claimed for free in a promotion can’t be returned for credits. The amount of Store and Promo Credits to be credited will be displayed. Click on the Get credits button again to complete the process.

Minted .coin Domains

If your .coin domains are already minted, you can transfer them before claiming the Store & Promo Credits. You won't be able to manage the domains on the UD website, and you will be prompted to start the return request as shown in the screenshot below. We will cover the gas fees for the return of .coin domains on both the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

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