Compromised Wallet

Modified on: Mon, 8 Apr, 2024 at 11:55 PM

If you suspect your wallet has been compromised, you need to act fast. The steps below can help you try to get ahead of the issues and some guidance on what you should do if assets were indeed stolen.

1. Create a new wallet as quickly as possible and activate 2FA.

  • We highly recommend you download a new wallet like Coinbase wallet on your mobile device, not your local laptop/desktop and create a new wallet.

2. Transfer all your assets from the compromised wallet to your new wallet.

3. Change the login password on your compromised wallet

  • This may lock out the malicious user if they are accessing your wallet through your device.

4. Run a malware check.

  • Malicious software like keylogging programs may have been downloaded to your local device.

5. Check your bank account and put a hold on it if there are any unusual transactions.

  • If your wallet is attached to your bank account/credit card, there may be unauthorized transactions from the compromised wallet

6. Report to any exchanges the compromised assets are associated with.

  • If funds have moved from or to an exchange, letting that exchange know you did not authorize this may help in either a freeze on the assets or recovery

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