Shilling Domains on UD Social Channels

Modified on: Mon, 6 Jun, 2022 at 12:19 AM

You can sell and market the domains on third-party platforms. But it's prohibited to "market" your domains for sale to other UD community members on our social channels. What I'm trying to say here is... don't act sus.


If you receive any link to connect your wallet to a sketchy site or if anyone DMs you that they can make you the wealthiest person alive with crazy daily returns just block them - these are well-known scams in the crypto-space... you're not that lucky, trust me.

Shilling Domains

Shilling to other UD Community Members is not allowed, there are third-party channels that are independent of UD and they are run by community members. Please be advised that we do not manage those channels.

Unstoppable Community [Telegram Channel]

This is one of the oldest UD communities run by a UD whale. You can join it here.

Unstoppable Domains Animals [Telegram Channel]

If memory serves me right, this channel was created in late 2021. I could be wrong. But you can join it here and talk about the UD Animal Domains.

Don't know what Animal Domains are? Oh you're missing out, check this blog post.

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