Add Custom UD Token to MetaMask [Advanced - Optional]

Modified on: Sat, 4 Mar, 2023 at 4:57 PM

Keep in mind that following this guide is optional

Like most wallets at the moment, the MetaMask Wallet does not show domains on Polygon and you can only view domains claimed on the MetaMask Mobile App. As shown below, you can manually add a smart contract token address to the wallet in order to view Web3 domains claimed to it.

Contrary to popular belief, the assets remain on the blockchain at all times. So if you can't see the domains it doesn't mean that they don't exist.

The following smart contract address is seen on PolygonScan: 0xc37d3c4326ab0e1d2b9d8b916bbdf5715f780fcf - this is a "proxy" address used mainly for security purposes. The actual smart contract address is 0xa9a6a3626993d487d2dbda3173cf58ca1a9d9e9f (as shown below)


MetaMask Web Wallet

For domains on Polygon

  1. Open MetaMask, click on Import Tokens under Assets
  2. Under Token Contract Address add 0xa9a6a3626993d487d2dbda3173cf58ca1a9d9e9f - this will auto-populate the Token Symbol section with UD
  3. Under Token Decimal add 0
  4. Click Add Custom Token and then Import Tokens
  5. Now you will see the number of domains on your Metamask wallet

For domains on Ethereum

  1. Open MetaMask, and under Assets click on Import Tokens
  2. Select Custom Token from the menu bar
  3. Under Token Contract Address add one of the following addresses
    • If you own a .crypto domain (CNS) add this address: 0xd1e5b0ff1287aa9f9a268759062e4ab08b9dacbe
    • If you own any other TLD domain (UNS) add this address: 0x049aba7510f45ba5b64ea9e658e342f904db358d
  4. Under Token Decimal add 0
  5. Click Add Custom Token and then Import Tokens
  6. Now you will see the number of domains on your Metamask wallet

MetaMask Mobile App

As mentioned above, the MetaMask Mobile App does not show NFTs minted on Polygon—only NFTs minted on Ethereum. So when you're switching between these networks you can only view certain NFTs.

For domains on Polygon

  1. Go to the My Transactions page on the UD website and click the tx_id link next to the domain you plan to manually add
  2. This will redirect you to PolygonScan, you will see the Token ID in the transaction, make sure to copy it
  3. Open the MetaMask Mobile App, make sure it's connected to the Polygon network (as shown here), and tap on NFTs
  4. Tap on Import NFTs, under Address add the smart contract token address 0xa9a6a3626993d487d2dbda3173cf58ca1a9d9e9f
  5. Under ID, paste the Token ID of the Web3 domain you're manually adding then click on Import
  6. You will now see the  domain under the NFTs section of the MetaMask Mobile App wallet

Domains on Ethereum will automatically appear under the NFTs tab, just make sure you have the wallet connected to the Ethereum network to view them - and any other NFT you have minted to the same wallet address

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