How to Set Up a Wallet In 2 Minutes

Modified on: Mon, 23 May, 2022 at 5:56 AM

1. Head over to the MetaMask download page.

2. Click "Install MetaMask for (browser)".

3. Click "Add to (browser)".

4. After installing, a new tab should open automatically. If it doesn't, go to your Extensions list and click MetaMask.

5. Click "Create a Wallet".

6. Click "I Agree".

7. Set a password, check the box to agree to Terms of Use, and click "Create".

8. Click "Next", then "Click here to reveal secret words".

9. Make a hard backup of the phrase and click "Next".

10. Select the recovery words in the correct orders as previously shown and click "Confirm".

You're done! Be sure to restart the browser before minting and managing your domains.

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