Ensure Your NFT Avatar Has a tokenURI (Poly/Eth only)

Modified on: Mon, 17 Oct, 2022 at 4:13 PM

For your NFT Avatar to work, the NFT needs to have an on-chain call to a tokenURI. In other words, the smart contract where this NFT is minted needs an on-chain link to the image, source code or metadata. If an NFT doesn't have a tokenURI, but still shows in the Web3 domain management interface, it is because we read the NFT images directly from OpenSea's API, however, after the NFT was assigned as an avatar, the domain was unable to locate the genuine on-chain image.

To find out if your NFT has an on-chain call to a tokenURI, firstly you'll need to locate your NFT on Opensea, and note down the TokenID of your NFT. You can find this at the end of the URL:

Then, scroll down to item activity, and click on the date field of any event log:

Under transaction action, you can locate and go to the NFT collection's token on the blockchain:

You can now read the smart contract information for the collection. Go to Contract > 'Read Contract':

Scroll down, and look for a field called tokenURI. If this field simply does not exist, your NFT will not work with our avatar feature. If the field is there, click into it and enter the TokenID of your NFT that you noted down in step 1. You should be provided with a URL for your NFT image. If no URL comes up, this will also mean your NFT will not work with our NFT avatar feature.

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