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Modified on: Sun, 5 Mar, 2023 at 2:27 PM

You're eligible to claim a free .blockchain domain once you receive an invite from Make sure the app is updated to the latest version before continuing with the steps below.

You can claim your free .blockchain domain within your account! The free domain must be a minimum of 7 characters long.


Claim a Free Domain

When you become eligible to claim your free .blockchain domain follow these steps!

  1. You will see the Claim Your Free Domain! message pop up when you open the app - tap on the Claim Domain button
  2. After reviewing the info tap on Let’s Go
  3. Now it's time to search for a domain, you may choose to claim your name or even a nickname. You will see various suggested domains during your search
  4. Once you choose the free domain you’d like to claim, tap on the T&C button at the bottom and click Claim. Your domain will now be claimed to the wallet. Please keep in mind that it can take up to 10 minutes for the domain to be claimed to the Polygon network

Claim a Free .blockchain Web3 Domain

Send Crypto

The crypto addresses of your wallet will automatically link to your domain once it’s claimed. You can now send and receive crypto via your domain through the app.

  1. To send crypto, tap the plus-button icon at the bottom to open the menu and click Send
  2. Now choose the crypto you’d like to send. Keep in mind that you can choose to send crypto from the Private Key Wallet (non-custodial) or the Trading Wallet (custodial) via a domain
  3. Type in the domain you’re sending crypto through then tap on Next at the bottom of the screen. Enter the amount, then click on Preview Send. If all looks good, click on Confirm at the bottom of the page

Send Crypto via an Web3 Domain

Receive Crypto

If you choose to Receive crypto to your Private Key Wallets you'll find the wallet address already connected to your domain

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