Bridging Domains

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Bridging Ethereum minted domains to Polygon

  1. Go to My Domains.

  1. Click “Manage” next to the Ethereum domain you wish to bridge to Polygon.

  1. Click “Bridge to Polygon”.

  1. Click “Start”.

  1. Select your wallet signature method.

  1. Sign with your wallet and pay a final ETH gas fee.

  1. Wait a few minutes for confirmation.

  1. During this process, your Web3 domain may temporarily disappear from the My Domains page. Once bridged, you'll be able to manage your domain for free with no gas fees.

Bridging Zilliqa(zil) minted domains to Polygon

You can now bridge domains minted to Zilliqa over to the Polygon network, where we cover all gas fees for managing your domain! 

Briding to Polygon will require you to have a self-custodial wallet that is Polygon compatible. We recommend MetaMask.

  1. Go to My Domains

  2. Click 'Manage' next to the zil domain you wish to Bridge: 

  3. Click 'Upgrade to Polygon'
  4. Click ''Start'
  5. Select the wallet you wish to use and then sign the transaction. You can use a wallet that is already connected to the account or follow this guide to connect a new wallet to the account.
  6. Upload your Zil Keystore file and enter your passphrase:
  7. The process is now underway and will take up to an hour. 
  8.  You can check your transactions by going to and once complete, you will be credited with the same domain name on the Polygon network. You can see this by going to and to the left of your domain name, you should see the Polygon icon below to indicate that the domain is now minted to Polygon: 

Bridging Polygon minted domains to Ethereum

A few considerations to keep in mind when considering bridging your domain from Polygon to Ethereum:

  • Bridging to Ethereum will require you to pay Ethereum gas fees. 

  • Bridging may take several hours to complete. Once bridging is in process, it can’t be canceled and during this time you won’t be able to use your domain. 

  • The option to move your domain to Polygon or Ethereum will always be available. You can bridge your domain to either chain at any time.

  • Some dapps, metaverses, and games will only resolve Web3 Domains on a specific chain.

Important - Once this process has started, you can not cancel it. During the final stage of the bridging process, a gas fee must be paid by the domain owner to mint the domain back onto the Ethereum network. Please ensure you have enough Ethereum to cover this. 

  1. Go to My Domains.

  1. Click “Manage” next to the Polygon domain you wish to bridge to Eth).

  2. Under 'Manage' go to 'Bridge' and click 'Start'

  3. You will be prompted to sign a transaction with your crypto wallet. This transaction is burning the Polygon domain. You can remint on Polygon at a future time but you can not cancel this process once it has started. Only sign the first transaction if you are happy to pay the Ethereum gas fee to withdraw. Once started, the first 2 steps will happen automatically. Please allow up to 2 hours+ for the first 2 steps to complete.

  4. The final step is to withdraw the domain on the Ethereum blockchain. Click 'Sign'. You may be prompted to change the wallets network from Polygon to Ethereum, then you will be shown the gas fee to pay: 

  5. You're done! You can now manage your domain on the Ethereum network. You can confirm the network of your domain by checking the icon next to it on your domains page:

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