Humanity Check with Login with Unstoppable

Modified on: Thu, 26 Jan, 2023 at 6:10 PM

Humanity Check is a feature of Login with Unstoppable. It is a verified identity layer attached to a user’s UD domain. With Humanity Check, users can authenticate their identity for web3 without revealing personal information, making them eligible for bespoke app rewards and experiences, all while enabling those domain owners to maintain their privacy. 

  • 100% opt-in - Users can choose whether or not they want to go through the Humanity Check process

  • Full control of personal data - User owns / manages / permissions personal data

  • Easy To Use  - The process takes a few minutes to complete. At this time verification can only be used on one domain.

  • Badging and Rewards - Getting verified via Humanity Check will result in a “Humanity Check verified” badge on their Unstoppable Domain profile. In the future, users become eligible for bespoke in-app experiences and rewards.

User Requirements:

  • Have a minted Unstoppable domain on Polygon or Ethereum

  • Access to forms of government ID (Persona supports over 200+ countries and their government IDs)

  • Camera for photo verification

How It Works: 

We’ve partnered with identity verification service Persona to validate and verify identity.


  • Humanity Check can be accessed either through the Domain Profiles page or through Login with Unstoppable when logging into an application that supports Humanity Check.

  • Persona asks users to take a photo of their government-issued ID and a few selfies. 

  • Persona uses these images to verify that a person is who they claim to be. 

  • Every time Persona verifies a new person, it gives that person a new randomly generated ID number.

  • By passing this ID number (or a proxy for it) through to applications, UD Login allows users to prove their ‘uniqueness’ without revealing their identity or personal information. 

    • Note: Unstoppable Domains does not, and will never, have access to the information provided to Persona to verify your identity. Humanity Check can also be only added to one domain at this time.

  • Once you’ve completed Humanity Check, your Unstoppable profile will reflect this verification Congrats, you’re a human! 

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