Import a Zilliqa wallet to Zilpay

Modified on: Sun, 15 May, 2022 at 6:08 PM

ZilPay wallet for .zil domains is relatively similar in appearance to the MetaMask wallet and used to access dApps like Mintable.

To import an existing Zilliqa wallet to Zilpay, you first need your existing wallet's Private Key.

This guide will consist of two phases:

  1. Finding your Private Key from
  2. Importing your Private Key through an account on Zilpay.

Phase 1:

  •  Go to and hit "Import File" under Keystore File.

  • Upload your Keystore/JSON File.

This will be the file you were asked to download when you originally made your Zilliqa wallet.

  • Enter your wallet password.

  • Click on "Wallet Info"

  • Within that panel, you'll see your Private Key. Copy this Private Key to paste into Zilpay in the next phase.

Now that you have your Private Key, you'll use that to import your wallet to Zilpay.

Phase 2:

  • Start by creating a dummy account in the ZilPay wallet, as this then gives you access to import a wallet from your existing Private Key.

  • You will be provided with a 12-word seed phrase and asked to set a password for the wallet. ,

Keep both of these secure in case you ever need to restore ZilPay to another device.

  • When the installation is complete, you should see the following standard warning.

  • The ZilPay logo will now show towards the top right in your browser.

  • If you click the ZilPay logo in the browser, it will show the dummy wallet we created (Tester 1)

  • You can now start the process of importing the wallet from your Private Key by clicking the three lines to the left of the words Tester 1.

  • Select "Import Account"

  • Paste your Private Key from Phase 1 and hit "Continue"

  • Your Zilliqa wallet is now imported successfully to Zilpay!

You will still require your Keystore JSON file and Passphrase to mint and manage your .zil domains, so keep them saved and safe!

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