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Modified on: Wed, 1 Dec, 2021 at 4:37 PM

Note: You will need MATIC in the same wallet you minted the domain to. The MATIC is used to cover the gas fees and publish all changes made to the blockchain

Note: The following smart contract address is what you see on PolygonScan: 0xc37d3c4326ab0e1d2b9d8b916bbdf5715f780fcf - this is a "proxy" address used mainly for security purposes. The actual smart contract address is 0xa9a6a3626993d487d2dbda3173cf58ca1a9d9e9f.

You can manage your minted domains on Through PolygonScan you will be able to add crypto addresses, add an IPFS hash, etc. 

Before we begin, you will need the unique TokenID associated with your domain. To find this, choose the domain you would like to manage on PolygonScan by going to the My Transactions page and clicking on the tx_id_XXX under Mint Domain.

This will open a new window showing the transaction on PolygonScan when you minted the domain. Right-click and copy the TokenID of your domain as shown below.

Another way to find the unique TokenID is by going to OpenSea, looking up the domain, and copying the last numeric string in the URL as shown below.

You can view the NFT domain on OpenSea here.

Now to manage the domain on PolygonScan:

  • Go to the smart contract address on, click on Contract, then click on Write as Proxy.
  • You can follow this link to get to the page mentioned above:

  • Click on Connect to Web3, you can connect your MetaMask wallet or any wallet that supports WalletConnect. If your wallet does not support WalletConnect follow this guide to clone the wallet to MetaMask before you proceed.

  • Scroll down to "21. set".

  • Here you can manage your domains by updating the records on the smart contract level. To add an address, for example, a BTC address, type crypto.BTC.address under key (string). If you want to add an IPFS hash type ipfs.html.value under key (string). Under value (string), you can add a wallet address or the IPFS hash depending on the input you added under key (string).

  • For this guide, we added the following changes:
    • key (string): crypto.BTC.address
    • value (string): Add your BTC address
    • tokenId (uint256): Unique TokenID for the domain

  • Click on Write once you add the correct values, this will prompt you to sign a transaction to confirm the changes. Click on Confirm to sign the transaction.

  •  Once you confirm the transaction, the "View your transaction" button will appear. You can click on it if you would like to see when the transaction is confirmed.

  • On PolygonScan, click on "Click to see More" and under Input Data click on View Input As and choose UTF-8 to view the changes made to the domain.

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