Configuring MetaMask with Polygon

Modified on: Wed, 3 Aug, 2022 at 4:18 AM

If you want to Mint or Manage your domains on L2 with MetaMask this guide will show you how.

Although this may look, at first impression, technical and confusing I can assure you it's really easy!

You need to Connect MetaMask to the Polygon Blockchain. 

To do this Click on Ethereum Mainnet at the top of your MetaMask pop-up, and then select Custom RPC.

You'll then need to fill in the fields as follows:

Then Click Save.

And another option for the Block Explorer URL is:

You are now setup to send and receive MATIC on the Polygon blockchain via MetaMask, and for Minting and Managing your domains on L2 (fee free).

Whenever you would like to Manage your domain(s) on L2, you will need to make sure that you have selected the Polygon option in the Networks list

It is worth noting that NFTs on Polygon will not show up in your MetaMask wallet yet.

You will be able to see your domain(s) on our website, so you can Manage and Update them. You will also be able to see them on the ERC721 tab on the Polygon explorer.

You will also be able to see them on and list them for sale. For this you will need some MATIC to pay the gas fees.

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