How do I know if my domain is on L1 (Ethereum) or L2 (Polygon)?

Modified on: Wed, 10 Nov, 2021 at 9:52 PM

After the Layer 2 solution is released, if you have already minted domains and are wondering how to determine whether the domain is currently on Layer 1 (Ethereum) or Layer 2 (Polygon), there are a couple of methods you may use to identify.

Solution (A)

We will also be adding a feature to our website to allow users to easily differentiate whether the domain currently on Layer 1 or Layer 2. More information we will be provided shortly.

Solution (B)

  1. Connect your wallet to and go to Profile.

  1. Click the domain in question.

  1. If the domain is on Layer 1, the URL will begin with:

If the domain is on Layer 2, the URL will begin with:

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