What is an IPFS Hash?

Modified on: Sun, 1 May, 2022 at 12:46 AM

IPFS is the InterPlanetary File System protocol, a peer-to-peer network for sharing and storing files. This works through a system of nodes where data can be pinned (or hosted) in a distributed manner. The advantage is that there is no single point of failure that would otherwise be prone to attacks or malfunction while being cryptographically secure and not bound to a single location.

An IPFS Hash links web files to your domain. Users can build, design, and code from scratch their website. In these instances, the user manually pins their website files to an IPFS node, creating an IPFS hash.

We also offer users the ability to build websites using our templates, and this will automatically create an IPFS hash and link it to your domain.

To add an IPFS Hash to your domain, please follow this guide.

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