Managing a Domain on Unstoppable.crypto

Modified on: Tue, 9 Nov, 2021 at 9:08 AM

You will need ETH in the same wallet you minted the domain to. The ETH is used to cover the gas fees and publish all changes made to the blockchain

You can manage your minted domains using our decentralized website: unstoppable.crypto

Through unstoppable.crypto you will be able to add crypto addresses, add an IPFS hash, etc.

Before we begin, if you use the Chrome or Firefox browsers you will need to download the Unstoppable Extension to access the website. If you are using the Brave or Opera browsers you can access the website natively without needing an extension.

  • Please go to unstoppable.crypto, click on CONNECT TO A WALLET, and then choose the wallet you minted your domain to in order to continue.

  • Click on the domain you want to manage and then click on UPDATE RECORDS at the bottom.

  • The Records window pops up. Here you can click on the Select record key to add crypto addresses, an IPFS hash, etc.

  • To add a crypto address, for example BTC, choose crypto.BTC.address from the Select record key menu. If you want to add an IPFS hash you should choose ipfs.html.value from the menu.

  • Make sure you click on the plus sign (+) after adding the values in the empty field before updating the changes.

  • If you would like to Transfer a domain please click on the TRANSFER button

  • Enter the wallet address you would like to transfer the domain to in the empty field labeled Receiver and then click on the TRANSFER button. Once you sign the transaction wait for the network to clear it and the transfer will be complete.

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