What Is IPFS?

Modified on: Mon, 25 Apr, 2022 at 11:52 AM

IPFS is the acronym for the InterPlanetary File System protocol, a peer-to-peer network for sharing and storing files. This works through a system of nodes where data can be pinned (or hosted) in a distrubuted manner. The advantages being that there is no single point of failure that would otherwise be prone to attacks or malfunction, while being cryptographically secure and not bound to a single location.

We harness the power of IPFS technology to allow users to host decentralized website content, which can be linked to NFT domains so they can be resolved in browsers. While we offer the ability for users to build websites using our own templates, we also allow users to externally design and code from scratch or use a third-party builder. In these instances, the user is required to manually pin their website files to an IPFS node, then link the content to their domain.

Under the Website tab when managing your domain, we have a file uploader for uploading website files up to 20MB (shown below).

However, if you wish to upload files that exceed this file limit, we recommend using a dedicated pinning service, such as Pinata.cloud. For a dedicated guide about using using Pinata.cloud, please click here.

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