Bulk Search for Web3 domains

Modified on: Wed, 16 Nov, 2022 at 3:53 PM

Supported browsers: Opera, Brave, Chrome, Firefox and Edge for bulk search.

1. Prepare your CSV file with Google Sheets

In the first column list all the domains you are interested in

Commas are not required

Syntax can be with or without the TLD as:





but not mydomain.com / mydomain.net

The maximum number of domains that can be searched for is about 1500 so with 10 TLDs if you don't include the extension (e.g. mydomain) the maximum number of rows is 150. If you add extensions to each domain (e.g. mydomain.nft) then 1500 rows is the maximum.

2. In Google Sheets menu select File, Download and select Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet) to save as a csv file.

3. Search for a domain on our site:

When the results are shown click the Bulk Search link

3. You can now drag drop or upload the csv file created in step 2 and available domains will be added to your cart.

If our interface pops up a message of "none of these domains are available", when you know at least 1 domain in the csv file is available, it's normally because you have exceeded the 1500 domains search limit (remembering domains listed without an extension will search for 10 TLDs). 

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