"Unable to Detect Browser Wallet" error?

Modified on: Sun, 6 Jun, 2021 at 2:55 AM

Please try to clear your browser's cache:


and then restart your browser. If the problem persists, please check your Metamask settings:

Troubleshooting Metamask

If you are experiencing issues with Metamask, we recommend these troubleshooting steps below.

General Tips:

*The web page must be refreshed after adding the Metamask extension.

* Metamask wallet needs to be unlocked with your password before use.

* If you have another “web3 extension wallet” downloaded, disable it before using Metamask.

* Disable ad blockers.

Metamask With Brave:

* From the browser, menu top right select Settings, then Extensions option and change the dropdown option for Web3 provider for using Dapps from the default * Ask to Metamask (or Crypto Wallets if using Brave builtin wallet). Refresh the page.

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