Link your Twitter handle to your domain with Chainlink.

Modified on: Fri, 19 Nov, 2021 at 9:48 AM

The feature is being updated so it's currently disabled.

You can now ensure your contacts send crypto to you and not somebody else by adding your Twitter handle to your .crypto domain. Chainlink verifies that the Twitter handle belongs to the domain owner and supported wallets and apps show the Twitter handle in their interface. Twitter accounts set as private can’t be verified.

  1. Check if you have $LINK (ERC-20) in your wallet. In order to do the verification, you must have at least 1.37 $LINK in the wallet to activate the Oracle and perform the verification. If you don't have $LINK in the wallet, you will need to buy the quantity needed in your preferred centralized or decentralized exchange. The $LINK must be in the wallet storing the domain. If there is not at least 1.37 $LINK in the wallet, you will get an error. After checking if you have enough $LINK in the wallet, you can proceed to the next steps.

  2. From My Domains click on Manage next to the domain name you want to verify.

  3. Click on Verify at the top of the menu bar, then click on Enable Chainlink.


  1. You will be asked to sign from the wallet you minted the domain to, click on MetaMask if you minted to the Metamask desktop wallet.

Sign for Chainlink


  1. You will need to wait until the transaction status changes to Finish:

  1. When the transactions page is completed, you must reload the page to be able to see the Tweet to post.

  1. Click the Tweet to post it to your Twitter feed. 
    This step is essential as the Chainlink Oracle will be looking for the Tweet in your account associated to your domain. If you cannot tweet or you aren't able to see the Tweet Button, Ensure you have ad/tracking blockers disabled. For Brave disable the shield for our site and disable DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials in all browsers (if you are using this option).

  1. It will look like this and it’s important not to change the default details for the Tweet to be verified.

  1. Click the Verify Tweet button

  1. After the Tweet has been verified our interface will show Complete.

Chainlink now complete


  1. You can check it’s all complete by entering your domain name in the domain search box on our site.

Site search for paulbloc8 with Chainlink verification


Verifying on the Opera Wallet [Android]

  • If you have the Opera desktop browser linked to the Opera wallet on Android then disable privacy settings (so the Tweet appears in step 7). 
    Select the "Other Browser Wallet" option when prompted to sign for the transaction. Two signatures will be required and details to set up Opera wallet are available in this guide if you haven’t already done it.


For Domains Minted to Ledger

  • Guest Manage is required if your domain is minted to a Ledger hardware wallet. In addition to having ETH in your wallet (for the blockchain transactions), you will also require 1.37 LINK tokens when using Guest Manage. 



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