Launching an NFT Gallery

Modified on: Wed, 13 Jul, 2022 at 4:01 AM

Update March 2022:

NFT galleries are now available for all Unstoppable domains extensions on both networks Ethereum and Polygon. 

A recent update allows your NFT Gallery to display art on Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. However, you require to relaunch it to work correctly again.

Please check How to surf the dweb, to learn more about current browsing options.

You will have the opportunity to preview the gallery before paying the associated blockchain fee if you are not using the layer 2 scaling solution for NFT domains.

Until browsers like Brave and Opera update for our new TLDs our extension or the IPFS gateway URL is required to view the galleries unless it's a .crypto domain on Ethereum.

After minting the domain, which adds it to your crypto wallet, here are the steps for launching an NFT gallery:

Make sure your NFT art and your NFT domain are in the same wallet (probably Metamask).

Note: As of now the NFT Gallery only displays NFT art stored in the wallet, thus it won’t display your NFT domains.

Go to this link click "start"

and enter the domain name where you want to display your NFTs (reminder: this domain name will have to be in the same crypto wallet as your NFTs - see step 1 above).

Confirm ownership by signing the transaction with the wallet where the domain and your NFTs are stored:

Please note that if you’ve already set up a decentralized website using your NFT domain, the NFT gallery will replace it.

Please note that your NFT art will require a tokenURI on the blockchain in order to work with your gallery. Most verified NFT projects will have this, but you can follow this guide to find out if your NFT does.

This is our youtube video deep dive into why we launched NFT galleries if you want to check it out

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