Missing Domains (Connect Wallet)

Modified on: Fri, 22 Mar, 2024 at 1:06 PM

Are there domains missing on your My Domains page? 

If you claimed any domains to your own wallet and then disconnected this wallet from your UD account, your domains will not show under My Domains page until your wallet used to claim these domains has been reconnected to your account. When your wallet is disconnected from your UD account you won't be able to view all the claimed domains associated with the disconnected wallet address.  

A wallet can only be connected to one Unstoppable account at a time. If you happen to connect this wallet to a different UD account, the wallet must be removed from the original UD account before being added to another account.

To reconnect your wallet to your account: 

1. Go to the Account Settings page under "Account".

2. Click Add Wallet

3. Sign using your respective wallet method.

For Ethereum-based wallets:

When this window as shown below pops up after selecting "Add Wallet", click on the wallet you used to claim your web3 domain.

After selecting your wallet provider or wallet connect if you do not see your specified wallet, you will be prompted to request and enter the verification code which you receive to your email address or via Two Factor Authentication if you have previously enabled 2FA as a security option on your account.

When you enter the code, the wallet will open and request a signature. The pop-up window will be specific to the wallet you are trying to add to your account. The screenshot you see below is an example of what the pop-up window looks like for Metamask wallet. After reviewing the wallet signature request, click on "Sign" to add the wallet to your account.

After signing the transaction, the wallet will be connected to your account and you will be able to manage your domain(s) on the My Domains page.

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