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Modified on: Thu, 25 May, 2023 at 1:50 PM

As we grow we're integrating with multiple platforms, and this includes browser providers. At the moment, domains on Polygon are not natively supported by browsers but we are working on integrations that will be available soon.


The Unstoppable Domains Web Extension

For the time being, you can download our Unstoppable Domains web extension from here. This extension supports multiple browsers and, once installed, you'll be able to visit all websites built on Ethereum and Polygon claimed Web3 Domains.

Brave and Opera

The Brave browser supports all domain extensions claimed to the Polygon network. As for the Opera browser, only .crypto domains claimed to the Ethereum network are currently supported. The Opera browser will be updating its libraries soon - which will result in native resolution for all domains on Polygon.

Once browsers natively support our Web3 Domains, you will not need to use the Unstoppable Domains extension to visit a site linked to a domain.

Over 35,000!

There are over 35,000 websites built and liked to UD Web3 Domains! You can view the updated list of all live websites on ViewBlock. Below are some sites you can check out as well:


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