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To build a decentralized website (dweb) via Unstoppable domains go to My Domains and select Manage next to the domain you want to use.

You will see 3 options for deploying your site:

1) To use one of our templates:

  • Click on "Create Website"
  • Select a type of template (Personal has 5 alternatives)
  • Customize your template editing all the fields.

  • Click "Publish to IPFS"


  • Select and sign with your wallet.

Notes:  - Saving progress is not available at the moment.
             - Templates require editing all the fields before publishing.

2) To upload your own website files to our IPFS Uploader:

  • Select Upload Website Files
  • Make sure your files include the main file named index.html
  • Click "Upload" for selecting or dragging the files.

  • Select "Launch Website"
  • Sign with your wallet.
  • There is a 20mb upload limit

3) Use Custom website linking where you can add the IPFS hash for resolving to WEB3

After adding your IPFS hash, you can click "Launch Website" and sign with your wallet. 

We suggest opening multiple tabs and loading the website multiple times, refreshing when it has loaded. This will force the distribution of the website files across nodes on the IPFS network to increase loading times.  

***You may want to check how to Surf the decentralized web


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