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Modified on: Thu, 28 Jul, 2022 at 3:12 PM

You can search for a domain on the homepage of by typing a name into the search function. Please see below for the different types of domains that you may encounter while browsing the site. If you wish to search for domains in bulk please use this guide.

  1. Available

These domains are available to purchase and will display a price next to them. Please see this guide about how we price our domains.

  1. Taken

These domains have already been registered. You will be able to see any added cryptocurrency addresses for receiving payments, whether a website has been set up, and if the domain is for sale by the owner.


  1. Unreleased

A domain showing as "Unreleased" means that upon manual review, it may get released as either a Premium domain or Protected domain. Premium domains are short, common, and popular names that we have categorized and have been releasing in phases. Protected domains are names that have a brand related to them. If the protected domain is your brand please complete this form for the team to review.

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